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Assorted Goodie Box

Bakery Cases

We have the cases stocked daily with fresh baked goodies. Order ahead or swing by and let us box up your favorites!

Bread & Pastries

We have fresh baked loaves of bread and pastries daily.


Sourdough loaves

White loaves

Wheat loaves


Bread (ordered with 48 hour notice):

Rye loaves

Brioche loaves

Cinnamon loaves

Cinnamon raisin loaves

Granny's dinner rolls

Garlic asiago loaves

Rosemary and garlic focaccia (two)

Challah loaves


Apple, cherry, cream cheese, peach, cheese/guava, and cheese/strawberry turnovers

Chocolate croissants

Almond rolls

Cinnamon rolls

Cherry, strawberry, and blueberry hand tarts


Paris-brest pastries

Cakes & Pies

Need a whole cake or pie? We have serveral 8" round cakes, 9" pies and mini pies available in the cases daily. Check out our schedule below for what we have available.

Fancy little desserts

Wedding cake balls and Mexican chocolate cake balls are stocked in the cases daily. Other flavors rotate with the season. Cake balls are available individually or by the dozen. Order ahead for large amounts.

Cake pops and petit-fours are available during holidays.

Pup treats

Don't forget treats for your best friends!!

Pupcakes - mini cupcakes made with all-natural peanut butter, whole wheat, honey, eggs, milk and baked with a mini dog bone on top.

Dog bones - mini baked dog bones with pumpkin, banana, eggs and whole wheat flour.

Cupcakes, Cookies & Bars

Cupcakes, cookies & bars are stocked daily. Order ahead for large amounts. Goodies are sold individually or by the dozen.



Red velvet




Chocolate chip

Peanut butter

Coconut pecan

Oatmeal raisin

Oatmeal scotchies



Pecan sandies

Chocolate thumbprints

Pink thumbprints


Lemon bars


Cream cheese brownies

Lime bars, mint brownies and pumpkin bars rotate seasonally

Decorated cookies: decorated to match season and/or holidays

Cookie monsters

Sugar cookies

By the Slice!

Don't want the whole cake or pie? That's fine, we have them by the slices available daily. Our flavors rotate montly.

Cheesecake slices and bourbon bread pudding is avaliable daily.


~Case cakes - Strawberry, Chocolate Dream, Mandarin Orange, Red Velvet

~Pies – chocolate peanut butter, buttermilk & lemon meringue minis


~Case cakes - Strawberry, Red Velvet, Raspberry Cream, Double Chocolate Decadence

~Pies - Buttermilk, lemon icebox & chocolate meringue minis


~Case cakes - Strawberry, Carrot, Raspberry Cream, Double Chocolate Decadence

~Pies – Lemon icebox, coconut buttermilk & banana cream minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Carrot, Italian Cream, Lemon

~Pies – Lemon icebox, chocolate peanut butter & coconut cream minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Italian Cream, Lemon, Cherry Chip

~Pies – Coconut buttermilk, chocolate peanut butter & lemon meringue minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, German Chocolate, Cherry Chip, Chocolate Dream

~Pies – Key lime, lemon chess & chocolate meringue minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, German Chocolate, Raspberry Lemon, Chocolate Dream

~Pies – Buttermilk, key lime & French silk


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Birthday, Raspberry Lemon, Hummingbird

~Pies – Key lime, chocolate chess & lemon meringue


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Birthday, Hummingbird, Caramel Apple

~Pies – Peach crumble, buttermilk & banana cream minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Black Forest, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Caramel Apple

~Pies – Dutch apple, Fudge pecan & very scary cherry minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Toffee Tiramisu, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Dream

~Pies – Pumpkin Pecan, Dutch apple & almond cream minis


~Case Cakes - Strawberry, Buche De Stump, Toffee Tiramisu, Gingerbread w/ caramel whiskey

~Pies – Pecan, chocolate chess & Mince minis

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