How much do wedding cakes cost?

Are you or someone you know getting married soon? The most common question we get from brides is "how much do wedding cakes cost?"

The first thing to look at is, how many people are you inviting? On average, 17-20% of your invited guests will decline the invite so you can expect to see 80-83% of your guests. Are you serving food, other desserts or just cake? If you are serving a meal and/or other desserts, your cake does not need to be big enough to serve every single person. Are you planning on keeping the top tier for your first anniversary? If so, keep in mind that the portion the top tier serves needs to be subtracted from the total amount served when you are calculating guest servings.

Once you have an idea of how many people your cake actually needs to serve, what is your cake budget? Divide the number of guests you need to feed by the amount you have to spend and that is your "per serving" budget. Our buttercream cakes start at around $3.75 a serving. If your per serving budget is lower than that number....don't panic. We have plenty of options on how to feed more for less.

Don't pass up the Groom's cake! Most groom's cakes are one layer and decorated with a simple design, which means you'll be paying less per serving. If your wedding cake isn't going to serve all of your guests and you are going to be short 20-30 servings, a simple groom's cake can make up the difference. Round cakes and sheet cakes are easy to serve and budget friendly. Of course, we can make him a carved bass cake or boxing gloves...but that will be a little extra.

Cupcakes are also an option. Not only are they less per serving, but they are quickly becoming a popular trend at receptions! You can offer a variety of flavors to your guests and they are self serving. We have jumbo, regular and mini sized cupcakes as an option. All of our cake flavors are available for cupcakes along with our filling and icing options. A popular choice among our brides is to have a one or two tier cake for the centerpiece and then cupcakes to make up the additional servings needed. We also offer gluten free, dairy free and egg free cupcakes if you have any guests with allergies. Just ask!

Are you interested in having other desserts to help feed the guests besides just cake? Whether you

are leaning towards brownies, lemon bars or cookies...we have lots of options. We sell bars and cookies by the dozen. We'll even halve or quarter the bars up at no charge so you can offer bite size favorites without any hassle.

Just eat pie!! Yes, pies instead of cake is also another very popular trend. Our 9" pies serve eight people each. We have everything from cream pies to fruit pies to choose from. We suggest buying whole pies and not slicing until you start serving. They look prettier for pictures this way, and it doesn't take long for someone to slice and serve pies. We also offer cheesecakes and cheesecake cupcakes. You can opt to have plain cheesecake or we have a variety of toppings to choose from. We normally get twelve servings out of our cheesecakes and cheesecake cupcakes can be purchased by the dozen with an assortment of toppings per dozen.

If this is all still very overwhelming, we are more than happy to sit down and help. We offer free consultations at the bakery to let you taste, look and discuss. Call the bakery ahead of time and we'll get you scheduled as soon as we can. We can normally schedule a cake tasting within a day or two depending on the flavors you are interested in. We can also offer tastings if you are considering other desserts or pies. We might need a few more days to prepare, but can usually get it scheduled as soon as possible.

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