Other Case Items

We have several case items that rotate by season. These items are always in the cases and available for purchase, but items are limited.

Cake Balls

We have cake balls in the cases daily. Flavors vary between:

 - Birthday Cake

 - Carrot

 - Chocolate Peanut Butter

 - Chocolate Strawberry

 - Creamy Red Velvet

 - German Chocolate

 - Lemon

 - Oreo

 - Salted Caramel Toffee

 - Strawberry Lemonade

 - Wedding Cake

 - Mexican Chocolate Wedding Cake

 - S'mores

Gingerbread & Tarts
Gingerbread & Tarts

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Chocolate Peppermint & Gingerbread
Chocolate Peppermint & Gingerbread

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Christmas thumbprints
Christmas thumbprints

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Gingerbread & Tarts
Gingerbread & Tarts

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Cookie Monsters

Chocolate chip sandwiched with chocolate buttercream or Snickerdoodle sandwiched with buttercream cookies decorated.

Decorated Cookies

Our decorated cookies are baked and then hand decorated with our homemade royal icing.

Petit Fours

Petit Fours are squares of our moist white or chocolate cakes, poured with a special homemade glaze icing and then decorated.

Holiday Goodies

We have several items in the cases during certain seasons. Be sure and check with the bakery for availability and place your order to reserve what you are wanting.


 - Chocolate covered bacon

 - Chocolate covered strawberries

 - Valentine's themed decorated cookies

 - Smoochie monsters

Mardi Gras

 - King cakes

 - Mardi Gras themed decorated cookies


 - Easter themed cupcakes

 - Easter themed decorated cookies

 - Easter bunny cake pops

 - Easter themed cookie monsters

 - Easter themed petit fours

Mother's Day

 - Flower cookie monsters

 - Mother's Day themed decorated cookies

Father's Day

 - Chocolate covered bacon

 - Father's Day cupcakes

 - Father's Day themed decorated cookies

4th of July

 - Patriotic pies

 - Red, white & blue cupcakes

 - Patriotic cookies monsters

 - Chocolate covered bacon


 - Bloody eye balls

 - Halloween cake pops

 - Frightening cookie monsters

 - Halloween themed cupcakes

 - Halloween themed decorated cookies


 - Baked turkey cake pops

 - Scarecrow cake pops

 - Thanksgiving themed cupcakes

 - Thanksgiving themed decorated cookies


 - Poinsettia & Holly Petit Fours

 - Cookie Santas & Snowmen

 - Gingerbread boys & girls

 - Mint brownies

 - Peppermint sugar cookies

 - Dipped gingerbread cookies

 - Christmas themed cupcakes

 - Christmas cookies

 - Rum mini cakes

 - Mini fruit cakes